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As a long-time resident of the South Bronx, I am wholeheartedly dedicated and invested in BUILDING A SAFER, STRONGER, & BETTER BRONX.

That is why, as a candidate for U.S. Congress, I am opposed to the Democratic Party closing Rikers Island to build a prison in our backyard, here in the South Bronx.

The closing of Rikers along with the move to build a prison in our community is unacceptable. For too long, the Democratic Party has sold the people of the Bronx down the river.

The people of the Bronx are in need of economic empowerment, employment opportunities, job training, quality education and healthcare, improved and alternative transit systems, and clean and safer parks not prisons.

It is a Democratic Governor along with a Democratic Mayor, NYC Council, NYS Assembly, NYS Senate, and U.S. Congress that is pushing for a prison in our neighborhood, but these Democrats are not pushing for economic empowerment, fair housing, safer streets, better schools, cleaner and greener parks, and more employment opportunities and job training in the Bronx.

Like many of you, I find it insulting that we have a Democratic Governor and a Democratic Mayor along with a Democratic dominated  NYC Council, NYS Assembly, NYS Senate, and U.S. Congress who have not fixed the poor housing conditions; inferior education; high crime rate; poverty-stricken neighborhoods; homelessness; and an antiquated transit system in New York City, especially in the Bronx.  It is no wonder that my congressional district, District 15 which has been under the control of Democrats, is one of the poorest congressional districts in the United States. It is time for a change!

Yet, many of us keep voting for the Democrats, while the Democrats in New York are not willing to fix the horrible transit and public housing systems - they disagree and stall on these matters as they blame each other, while you continue to suffer.  However, the Democrats in New York agree to build a prison in the South Bronx.

As a slap in your face, the Democratic Party is willing to spend $10.5 billion to build a prison in the South Bronx instead of BUILDING A SAFER, STRONGER, & BETTER BRONX by way of job creation, wealth redistribution, resource allocation, an updated transit system, fair and reasonably priced housing, and educational access and affordability.

Instead of building better schools, more affordable housing, and greener parks, the Democratic Party in New York deliberately decided to build a prison in the South Bronx.

Instead of supplying the people of the  Bronx with high paying jobs, the Democratic Party in New York deliberately provides us with cheap labor coming from the prisons that they are building in the South Bronx.

Instead of providing our youth with stronger and better educational and recreational learning facilities, the Democratic Party in New York deliberately bestowed our youth with prisons in the South Bronx.

Our children don't need to be surrounded by prisons and inmates - they need to be surrounded by greener parks, safe spaces, and quality educational, vocational, and healthcare facilities along with doctors, nurses, health-care workers, lawyers, educators, journalists, artists, firefighters, police officers, business owners, CEOs, and other professionals in which they can imitate and emulate - that is how you BUILD A SAFER, STRONGER, & BETTER BRONX by  empowering a people and a community with resources and capital!

There have been very few public hearings and no real news about the Democrats in New York building a prison in the South Bronx, where people live, work, play, and raise their families.

Moreover, there have been no public hearings and news on the excessive amount of drug treatment centers, HIV housing, homeless shelters, and other unsuccessful initiatives of the Democratic Party that have been dumped on the Bronx while disempowering our people.




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